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Can One Acoustic Guitar Make a Building Cool?

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You can tell a lot about a new building by the caliber and style of artist the developer/marketers hire to inject some buzz. The Avery on Riverside Drive is supposed to evoke the classy Upper West Side, so Extell got the nonthreatening Seal to perform. The Financial District is supposed to be a little more hip, but still staid enough to attract big money financiers, so Michael Shvo brought in John Legend to tickle the ivory at 20 Pine. Then there's The Atlas, a rental building in a West 38th Street no man's land, which New York's S. Jhoanna Robledo reports held a rooftop Carina Round concert in September. Ah yes, the immortal Carina Round, last seen opening up for Annie Lennox. She wasn't paid, but her label got to invite some industry people. So, did she get the exposure she wanted? Said one Atlas resident: "I'd never heard of her before, and since then, I’ve checked out her Website. I might download some songs from iTunes." Mmmmmmmk.
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