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Park Slope Pigeon Serial Killer on Loose

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A new proposal to ban pigeon feeding and, possibly, put them on birth control, may come just in time to ward off pigeon-related bloodshed in Park Slope. Or, perhaps not, because a long-dormant pigeon serial killer appears to be on the loose again. A block in the neighborhood was plastered this weekend with fliers about a pigeon slaughter and claiming the installation of surveillance cameras and an "community police" checks to catch the pigeon killer(s). There are allegations of a neighborhood "maniac," local hospital "goons" and someone who is most likely spending entire days trying to run down pigeons with an SUV. Whether there's a connection with the ban on pigeon feeding to be introduced today by a Brooklyn City Council Member or whether this is simply priceless irony is unknown. The measure would create fines for feeding pigeons and establish (this is true) a Pigeon Czar to police the anti-pigeon program. It's unclear if an ability to coo convincingly and walk with ones head moving back and forth will be job requirements. Meanwhile, we await further developments in the nasty Park Slope problem.

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