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CurbedWire: Noho Screwed, Scarano Goes Singular

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NOHO?"I live on Great Jones between Bowery and Lafayette, and my neighbors put a DOB permit copy on our bulletin board stating that 30 Great Jones is being taken down to the second floor. Deconstruction has already begun with the exterior fire escape. We walked by there a day or two ago and the young watchman advised us not to go under the sidewalk shed, but to walk around it in the street, in case anything fell. We promptly told him that the purpose of a sidewalk shed was to protect people from such an ill fate..." We've dabbled in this screw factory mystery before. What gives? Talk about a prime piece of land. [CurbedWire Inbox]

BROOKLYN?BREAKING! "Please note that our company has changed its name from Scarano Architects to Scarano Architect." From now on, whenever someone complains about a horrid new Scarano design coming to their neighborhood, we can just say Scarano "dropped the s" on them. [CurbedWire Inbox]