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Irish Up to No Good in Gramercy?

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Who could forget the legendary Gramercy Green, the new high-rise building on 23rd Street and Third Avenue that was primarily being marketed to overseas Irish investors. Curiously, when foreign investment in Manhattan real estate seems to be at its peak, there's been a reported change in strategy. Broker-blogger Andrew Fine writes:

Well, according to my inquiry today, despite the tentative name of "Gramercy Green", [developer J.D.] Carlisle tells me that there are no Irish involved, and it will not be a condo either. Carlisle is targeting a spring opening for the high end rental building of approximately 200 units. Prices have not been set.But what about those reports of units in the building selling to, yes, Irish buyers? Something smells rotten here, and it ain't the corned beef and cabbage.
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