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Superior Ink's Visions of Grandeur in Far West Village

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Lobby porn? Indeed! You're looking at the future welcoming center for Robert A.M. Stern's mini-15 CPW in the Far West Village, Superior Ink. That's right, the 17-story Bethune Street condo tower/townhouse hybrid development?somewhat invisible following the release of the renderings and the demolition of the actual Superior Ink?has just unveiled a slew of floorplans and interior renderings. No word on how sales are going, but let's be clear, developer Related is going to make a mint off this from just the Stern/15 CPW connection alone. Let's take a glance at what Hillary Swank's potential new stomping grounds look like, shall we?

The living room rendering.

The master bedroom. Love that New Jersey sunset.

The amenities floor, which looks a little cramped for our liking. Three treadmills in the whole "fitness center?"

The creepy, fake, new-but-old-looking row of townhouses that will line Bethune Street behind the tower. Because they are creepy and fake, you can choose from two interiors: a Robert A.M. Stern Architects "classic grandeur" design, or a modern Yabu Pushelberg number. McTownhouse, anyone?
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