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Trump Checks in on Trump Soho, Cackles Maniacally

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For those in the West Soho/Hudson Square vortex, the rising form of Trump Soho is becoming a skyline fixture—and there are, by our reckoning, at least 15 more stories still to come on top of this 46-story condotel. Limey! We cased the building last week from a bunch of different angles, and while so doing, noted a sleek black helicopter hovering above the action (above). Could it be? Hell yes! The Donald surveying his domain! We waved, but didn't get a wave back. Nor could we confirm that it was actually The Donald in said black helicopter. Still, certainly among the top five moments of our life.

Looking up Varick Street from just above Canal.

The view from further east, near Sixth Avenue and Spring.

From below. Getting glassy!

Another view up Varick. At this rate, they'll be topping off by Christmas.
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Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013