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Development Heavyweights Line Up for Toxic Gowanus Site

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All the bids are in to develop the highly toxic Public Place site between Smith Street and the Gowanus Canal on the fringes of Carroll Gardens and Gowanus. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle identifies the five developers that have submitted proposals for a big mixed-use project that will include up to 1,000 units of housing and buildings up to 10-12 stories tall. The six-acre site was the site of a manufactured gas plant and toxins are said to be up to 150 feet underground. One of the threads that runs through all of the proposals is that the Gowanus Canal Community Development Corp. is listed as a partner in four of the proposals and is working to get into the fifth one. The developers include Time Warner Center developer the Related Companies, Two Trees Management, Strategic Development with Avalon Bay Communities, The Hudson Companies and The World-Wide Group. The development has to include affordable housing, senior citizen housing, ground-floor retail and open space among other things. The full list of which developers have hooked up with which local group to get an edge isn't known. The Public Place cleanup will likely take years.
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