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Bronx Prefers Chicken Slaughterhouse to Sam Chang Hotel?

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If hotel developer Sam Chang can't get some love in the Bronx, where are the smooches going to come from? One would think that a McSam hotel would be an improvement on a Bronx Street that features the "cackling of hens ready for slaughter, the tat-a-tat of rivet guns from the next-door mechanic shops, and streetcorner thugs hollering at the young girls who pass by..." Anyone who thinks that, though, is wrong. Among the many outposts of the far-flung Sam Chang McSam Hotel empire is the Comfort Inn he wants to build on Webster Avenue. He thinks, according to today's Daily News, that it will attract tourists visiting the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden. Residents are worried the sheets will be so hot the steam will be visible for blocks. Regardless, Mr. Chang thinks the Bronx is "a marquee location" and has reintroduced a plan for a five-story, 42-room hotel. There will be contract with the hotel operator that rooms can't be rented hourly. Whoever wants to use one for whatever is going to have to rent by the day.
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