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Curiosity Showdown: Bird Man vs. Bedford Ballerina

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Non-stop Bedford Avenue Dancer coverage sprinkled with Freak Show zoning law updates apparently makes us the go-to source for crazy dudes acting crazy. A Curbed reader introduces us to the awesome Bird Call Man and writes: "I see this guy everywhere, at least 2 days a week. I could be in Bryant Park or on the Lower East Side, he's there. This dude gets around more then spiderman. I thought I might have been crazy until I found out he is something of a youtube sensation."

So which public performance artist/Looney Toon is serving up the better show? To decide, here's an exaple of each of these masters' work. First up is Bird Call Man on the L-Train, a clip we love because of the guy right next to him who tries his hardest not to look. Birdie is a little more subtle than Bedford Avenue Dancer, seen in the second clip rocking a bunny ear and a particularly harsh acid trip. After you watch, vote on the champion at the bottom!

Bird Call Man:

Bedford Avenue Dancer: