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Skating & Sailing Beneath Coney Wonder Wheel ?

Thor Equities had its Coney Island Freakenspiele and Bizarre Bazzar. Coney Island V3.0, as released last week, has a 40,000 square-foot ice rink beneath the Wonder Wheel that would be used for "sailing" in the summer and a 350-foot-tall spinning column being described as "Brooklyn's Eiffel Tower" (sorry, Parachute Jump). Both Thor's version and the Bloomberg-Doctoroff-Burden iteration have a huge roller coaster looping through the works. Today's Post reveals that the Rockwell Group is behind the latest concept for a new 15-acre amusement park and retail area in Coney Island. Rockwell has had its hands in many New York City ventures including the warmly-received Pier 17 plan and the equally popular Burling Slip playground proposal. Sailing?
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