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Queens Arbor Slay Controversy Widens

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Maspeth's St. Saviour's church, so brutally stripped of its trees and greens as a big "F-you!" to area residents who were fighting like mad to save the property and turn it into a park, appears finally headed for?wait for it?residential development. The Daily News reports that embattled Councilman Dennis Gallagher?who residents have argued is acting in collusion with the St. Saviour's developers?has been secretly lobbying city officials to push ahead approval of the plan to build 70 new units on the 1.5-acre property. Gallagher denies it, and says he's done everything he can to preserve the property, but multiple sources say that's not the case. Queens, everybody! If anything close to this was going on in Manhattan, Andrew Berman would have someone's head on a pike by now.
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