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The Court Street Lofts Timeline of Despair

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Newcomers to the Curbed game probably don't understand the magnitude of today's announcement that the Court Street Lofts (originally 505 Court Street) in Carroll Gardens have re-released (re-re-released?) a series of top-floor units under the name The Park House at Court Street Lofts. The comments on that thread have been very revealing as to the troubled history of the building, but to get the full picture, you need to go back. Way back:

· July 8, 2004: The condo-conversion of the previously rental 505 Court comes across our radar, through a tenant who was mighty displeased about the "insider offer."
· July 9, 2004: More tenants, pissed by the insider prices being offered, decide to chirp in on the quality of the building.
· July 19, 2004: The 505 Court defense begins. "It is one of the most fascinating properties to come on the market in Brooklyn in a long time." OK!
· November 1, 2004: Wait a second, is the whole damn building up for sale?
· June 8, 2005: The building is reborn as Court Street Lofts. All references to infamous "crack alley" cleaned up.
· June 23, 2005: The Lofts hit the market for the first time, with a two-bedroom penthouse just edging past the million-dollar mark.

· June 27, 2005: Still glowing from the new identity and sales drive, the building is brought back down to Earth by some falling objects.
· July 12, 2005: The remaining rental tenants finally throw in the towel.
· July 22, 2005: Fear not, for the elevators have picked up the fight.
· September 26, 2005: 10% of the units sold!
· October 27, 2005: Hold up, new sales approach: It's like Manhattan out here!
· February 8, 2006: Time Out New York does its best to boost 505's spirits, fails.
· March 27, 2006: 20% of units sold!
· July 27, 2006: How are sales going? Just ask the people up in the new rental office on the 7th Floor. Yikes.
· September 11, 2006: The building finally gets some buzz, landing a celebrity sighting on Page 6. So, what boldface name is considering buying? Grey's Anatomy homophobe T.R. Knight! Oops!
· November 15, 2006: A nearly across-the-board PriceChop sends the average down to $650-$700/sf. Originally, the units were priced near $900/sf.
· April 26, 2007: 5% down payments! TXT for listings! Seriously.
· August 10, 2007: Weird texting scheme apparently pays off. These things may actually be selling!
· Today: Or maybe not. Say hello to The Park House!

505 Court St

505 Court St, Brooklyn, NY