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New Brooklyn Neighborhood Blogs

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It's been so long since we took at new Brooklyn blogs that some of the ones we would have listed are, well, old. In any case, here are a few newish ones:

1) For the last couple of months, Brooklyn Junction--which takes its name from the intersection of Flatbush and Nostrand Avenues--has been keeping an eye on news in Flatbush and environs. Check out this item about extending the 2 and 5 Trains and this one taking a look at the new Target mall in the neighborhood for a taste of what they're up to. [Brooklyn Junction]

2) Bed-Stuy Banana, which has been doing posts since October, describes itself as being written by "A yellow girl raised in a white suburb shacked up with a white boy and had a tan kid in a primarily black NYC borough." Today's photo post "Local Colour," features exactly that. [Bed-Stuy Banana]

3) Easy Being Greene has been at it in Fort Greene for a bit, but we haven't taken note of it previously. There's heavy coverage of the neighborhood retail and food scene in addition to real estate and slice of life stories. [Easy Being Greene]