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'Vigil for Pigeons' Being Organized

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We are not making this up. Here is some of the email from the New York Bird Club (or someone using their name as an email address) we just received about a "Vigil for Pigeons" being organized to protest the proposed pigeon feeding ban and Pigeon Czar:

If you are concerned with pigeons, and you have every right to be because for those who do not know it, Councilman Felder of Brooklyn is sponsoring a Bill that would fine people $1,000 for feeding pigeons. As if the pigeons do not have enough problems -- they are dying of malnutrition as there is not enough food for them in our city and they count on people feeding them to survive.

This, in addition to the pigeon nettings that are still occurring undeterred and without punishment to the offenders, is surely a way to say good bye forever to pigeons in our city. All those who care about pigeons and care about justice, must rally together on behalf of pigeons. Pigeons need us now more than ever. All groups who advocate for wildlife and pigeons must come together and show our support.

The meeting at 6 pm is for those who want to organize a vigil/rally for those millions of pigeons who have been shot at PA shooting ranges by being baited, netted and dumped into garbage bags, held without food and water, illegally transported over the border into PA and then shot.

We don't know if Park Slope pigeon serial killing victims will be included. The vigil organizing meeting is being held at (seriously) a Starbucks on the Upper West Side.
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