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Open House Bandits Update: See the Perps in Action!

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It's the crime that has rocked the Upper West Side real estate world: two women were caught in the act of lifting some valuables from a weekend open house, only to make a daring escape when confronted. True Gotham broker-blogger Douglas Heddings has followed through on his promise of posting surveillance footage stills of the crooks, and here's his update, with a shocking twist:

The bad news is that they aren't nearly as clear as we had hoped but they are good enough to alert the industry and the public to this duo of thieves who have apparently hit at least (probably more) 5 open houses since October 21st. Note the brunette fixing her wig in the elevator. My agent who caught them in the act is almost certain that the brunette is a man in drag. The blonde was a bit smarter than her partner as she was careful to not show too much of her face on the video. She seems to be a real woman too. An open house Bonnie and Clyde? How romantic.
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