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Downtown is Wherever They Want it to Be

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The Charleston is more than just the condo building that will save Murray Hill. It's also a lightning rod for haters who despise the neighborhood and its fraterni-friendly nature. Just have a gander at this email: "Is this website a joke? Since when is East 34th Street considered 'downtown?' Also, the floor plans for the 'E' units have awkward baseball-diamond shaped bedrooms and living rooms. Weird. At least it has a 'Zen Garden!' Nice try, silly tipster, but your Murray Hate is so transparent! Dost thou not obey the New Development Website Commandments?

1) Thou shalt have a Flash introduction. And indeed it does. 25 seconds! Not bad. Not bad at all.

2) Thou shalt be scored by a throbbing, pulsating soundtrack that makes all interested parties immediately rush for the "sound off" button. Check!

3) Thou shalt embellish neighborhood borders, or outright lie. C'mon, you have to admit that marketing a building at the mouth of the Midtown Tunnel as "perfectly situated where downtown begins and life takes off" is absolute genius. Genius, we say!

4) Thou shalt Photoshop sexy women into less-than-exciting renderings. Hey, fake chick in the lobby with the short skirt and thigh-high boots ... come here often? No? Because you don't exist? Bummer.

5) Thou shalt promote routine local retail as stellar neighborhood amenities. Borders! Crunch gym! A deli! Movies! I CAN GO TO THE MOVIES!

As you can see, the Charleston's website is perfection, not?as you so cruelly put it?a joke. But as for the floor plans, yeah, that's a little rough.
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