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YVES Name Game: Another Reason to Hate the French?

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The New York Condo Blog takes aim at YVES, the most important building in the history of Chelsea, and the results are shattering. Namely, the name. NYCB claims that YVES should be pronounced in the traditional French, as in Saint Laurent, as in "eve." All this time, despite perhaps knowing better, we've been begrudgingly clinging to our own pronunciation, "eves." It made sense, like a cross between a distinguished butler and a hump-backed assistant with warts on his nose. Now, our world has come crashing down. But we will not be defeated so easily! We are hereby launching a campaign to officially change YVES' pronunciation to our own, preferred version. And we need your help. When conversing with brokers, when in the sales office, when chatting with confrères or recreation-time chums?it's yves, Yves, YVES! Um, our way, not there's. Oh, and as for the New York Condo Blog review, the concierge service sucks, or something.
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