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Another Foreigner Pays Too Much for a FiDi Condo

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The William Beaver House, a new luxury condo building once marketed using anime pornography, has supposedly set a Financial District sale record. Team Beaver has claimed this before, with a $2,800-per-square-foot ($4.7 million total) penthouse sale to a Madrid businessman in September. Now, developer Andre Balazs says that mark has been topped, telling the Observer two apartments on the 47th Floor have been sold to a Scandinavian financier for $5 million. Similarly, two apartments at Downtown by Starck sold for $8.1 million, but they were technically bought separately, so the Beav is using the loophole to its advantage. The equally sexually-charged W Hotel & Residences will no doubt top this mark very shortly, but for now, Andre Balazs' big golden vagina wears the crown.
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William Beaver House

15 William Street, New York, NY 10005