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Court Street Lofts Try Again With New Name

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We have followed the ins and outs of things at the Court Street Lofts, aka 505 Court Street. When we last checked in, things appeared relatively normal. Now comes word of a re-branding of some Court Street Loft condos. Some of the apartments on the top floors have been rechristened The Park House at Court Street Lofts. It "offers a collection of treetop three-bedroom homes at the building’s summit just off the landscaped one-quarter acre private courtyard park." The units are said to be being "released" to the market but they, uh, kind of look like a re-release or, perhaps, a re-re-release. We're expecting some text messages about them, any minute. In the meantime, for those wishing to take a walk down Court Street Lofts memory lane, there is this and also the marketing effort to brand them as offering a "Manhattan-caliber standard of living."
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