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CurbedWire: 'We're Stagnating a Little'

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RED HOOK?"Part of the problem in Red Hook is the stalemate between people who are pushing for more residential development and amenities for residents, and the forces of industry, some who would like to keep the place an industrial dumping ground. Having lived in Red Hook - the real Red Hook - for 5 years we've seen many of these fights. The push for a garbage dump, the Imlay Street building fight, the push to remove the container terminal (or at least ASI), and recently the blatant use of residential property for non-residential use."

There's a block on the corner of Delavan (I think) and Richards where trucks and containers are being stored - illegally. There is an attempt to convert a residential block on King street into industrial use - a use it has been used for over the last few years - illegally. Just a couple of examples.

Meanwhile, reasonable residential proposals and development plans to create better quality of life for residents, open up waterfront access etc.,have been thwarted by the nay-sayers in industry who fear residential development - even if small scale and reasonable - will force them out. This was the case with the Imlay Street building and
the plan proposed by the EDC, though I admit they were hardly small scale - we know how they have ended up.

For Red Hook to truly prosper it needs more residents - while still keeping the mix of industry and residents that gives it such a unique character. Maybe the slowing of gentrification will help these seemingly opposing forces to reconcile and create a better version of what is already here - in an organic way. People who chose to live here want to keep Red Hook's character. We don't want, for instance, high rise condos on the waterfront - a la Williamsburg. The residents could be given a bit more say in what they want the place to be, however. No more Ikea's, thanks.

Meanwhile, we're stagnating a little." [CurbedWire Inbox]