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Live from Red Hook: But What of the Artists?

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In his New York piece on the degentrification of Red Hook (have you heard of this story?), Adam Sternbergh divided gentrifiers into "seeders" and "harvesters." Of the seeders, he wrote:

The seeders are drawn to a neighborhood like Red Hook precisely because it’s not Carroll Gardens or Boerum Hill or whatever Williamsburg has become. They like the idea of a new frontier. The irony of gentrification, though, is that while the seeders drive the cycle, they plant the seeds of their own obsolescence. They arrive to be eventually driven out.So the big question is, when these seeders?hipsters, artists, hipster artists?return en masse to Red Hook (which will be the end result of all this, surely), where will they make their hipster art? The answer is above, 201 Richards Street, an industrial building now carved into commercial lofts. Some are already occupied by woodworkers, dress makers, potters, painters and, um, a psychiatrist. The building owner wants to blast open those ground-floor windows and lease out the 3,500-square-foot area as gallery space. Six lofts are still available, and Red Hook Realty's Rachel Shapiro showed us a few of them.

487sf, $975/month; note the cable: yep, this sucker's being wired for Verizon FiOS. Red Hook enters 2007 with a splash.

770sf, $1,550/month

Who says hipsters can't be jocks? They sure can, at least in Red Hook. Although, it looks a little neglected

1,150sf, $1,950/month
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