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Live from Red Hook: Mystery of the Water Building

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In advance of this little experiment, we asked some Red Hook folks to alert us to possible topics of interest. This little piece of intel stood out:

I'm not sure if this fits your criteria for interesting red hook fodder, but there is a building on Van Dyke Street (right next to the methadone clinic building) that has been mysteriously gushing water for months. originally, it was just spewing out from the foundation of the house somewhere....then they built some sort of gutter that shoots it directly out into the street. regardless, there has been a constant fountain of water coming out of that dilapidated building since at least the spring. there was actually algae growing on the pavement for a while when it was warmer. Folks, we chased the lead, and there is the proof in all its moist glory. Please say a kind hello to 130 Van Dyke, the Water-Gushing Building.

But wait, why is the water so soapy? For this, we head up the block a bit: