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Live from Red Hook: So How About That Water Taxi?

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After checking in with the state of the famed B61 bus, we thought we'd look at another Red Hook transportation option: the water shuttle! By many accounts, these cats have got it going on: a pier by the Fairway Building (right), thrice daily to-and-from service to Wall Street, and hey, they run Water Taxi Beach. Everything's great!

Except, of course, that it's not. Here's one local's take: "I so badly want the water taxis to work. They don't. They say they run three times each morning, but their scheduling issues are legendary. I can't tell you how many times the 6am shuttle has left early, with people running for it, madly waving their arms. And the hourly weekend service? Just as chaotic. More than once this summer, I saw the final water taxi of the day fill up and pull away, leaving tourists on the dock, stranded in Red Hook." The horror. The horror. Anyway, see you on the B61.
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