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Live from Red Hook: On the Market on Dikeman

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Red Hook Realty executive director Rachel Shapiro is quoted extensively in the New York Red Hook feature, so we figured, what better person to call up and ask to show us around? Shapiro took us by some very interesting spaces that we'll be bringing to you over the course of the day, and the first is particularly tempting: 6 Dikeman Street. The 2BR, 1BA townhouse is listed for $1.2 million. And before you go shouting bloody murder over that price for one bathroom in Red Hook (Red Hook!), get this: it includes the house (which has a full basement), the backyard, the side yard (big enough for a driveway for two cars) and two garages. The total lot measures 3,588 square feet in all. And did we mention that the neighboring garage just sold for $349,000 by itself? Is your investor alarm ringing yet?

The side yard, wedged in between the house and the garages. It's, um, occupied right now. Let's just say the current homeowner has been there for a while.

The garages. One measures 20' x 34', the other 11' x 20'. There's also a sliver of the garage that just sold at the $349k mark. They are zoned M1-1 for light industry, so don't think you can stick some new wave gentrifiers in there.

In the front door.

Living room view from the kitchen.

Kitchen, from the living room. New staging strategy: the Weather Channel? There's a door in the rear that opens to the backyard.

Did someone say summer cookouts? Who needs the Ball Field?

The stairway, much like the house, needs some work. But the potential is there. Check out that details! Sorry about the dirty Pumas.

Ceiling porn.

Master bedroom.

Second bedroom.

Sky light!!!

The walk-in closet, currently an office. Sorta. OK, it's just an unplugged decade-old computer.
· Listing: 6 Dikeman Street [Postlets/Red Hook Realty]