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Live from Red Hook: Curbed Inside The Fairway Building

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Curbed Inside visits the interior of a structure with an eye towards revealing the design and architecture. If you've got a project you'd like Curbed to consider, email us.

[Top, inside Jim Clark's apartment/gallery; bottom, roofdeck looking towards Erie Basin]

Born in the 1860s as the Red Hook Stores warehouse, the swarthy structure is perhaps now better known as the Fairway Building. Because, hey, it's got a Fairway! The building was restored by Red Hook's answer to David Walentas, Greg O'Connell, who coincidentally just drove by in his truck (hi, Greg!). But it was Jim Clark, the proprietor of Inuit art gallery Look North who was kind enough to let us check out his live/work space on the fourth floor of the building. Someone kindly alert Paige Rense, because this place has got it going on.

The residents' entrance, around the corner from the Fairway parking lot.

View out the lobby window towards, yes, the Statue of Liberty.

The building's inner courtyard. Overall, there are 45 live/work spaces here, but also some purely work spaces that only look out over this courtyard.

The view from the bedroom over New York harbor. Um, not bad.

From the bedroom into the larger living room/kitchen.

And, yes, the kitchen.

Looking towards the bedroom door from the dining area. The Inuit works are from Clark's adjacent Look North gallery, of which Racked has its own photo tour.

The view from the living room over New York harbor. It's heart-stopping to step into this apartment and see nothing but rough ocean through the glass.

Oh, did we mention Jim worked as a King Crab fisherman for awhile in the Bering Straight? Deadliest catch, people, it's the world's deadliest catch. Anyway, Jim had this bad boy stuffed, mounted, and shipped back from Alaska. Some say genius.

And finally, from the roof over Pier 41, Governors Island, and Manhattan in the distance. Our thanks to Jim for the tour.
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275 Conover Street

275 Conover Street, Brooklyn, NY