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CurbedWire: Finger Bldg Lifts Repossessed, 48 Bond Sells Out

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WILLIAMSBURG?The photo above is the the infamous Finger Building on its North 7th Street side, which is suddenly visible because part of the construction scaffolding has been removed. Meanwhile, there are some other issues to report. An email circulating in the Burg says, "Thought you'd like to know that the 2 lifts on the Finger building are coming down. The owners want their lifts back b/c they haven't been paid for a year and at 6000/month, it's not exactly small change. Also you may have noticed that the sidewalk on N7 has finally been reopened, they moved the fence back (though watch the screws on the standpipe when you walk by)." The next Finger hearing at the obscure Board of Standards and Appeals to determine whether it can grow or not (assuming it can get back the lifts and cranes) is November 20. [CurbedWire Inbox]

NOHO?48 Bond may be the wonky kid on the block. It may not have the celebrity of nearby 40 Bond. But none of that appears to have had an impact on its success. A tipster writes, quite succinctly: "48 Bond is sold out EOM." End of message, indeed. [CurbedWire Inbox]