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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Fortune: NYC Market Will Have Double-Digit Fall (130 Comments)
"The fringes of Manhattan like Harlem and The Financial District are already seeing some loss of pricing power. If we see a substantial drop in prices, it will be those areas first, while Fifth Ave, CPW, The West Village, etc..would be the last to drop. Do I think we are going to see 10-15% in the core area? No."
2) Your Morning Credit Crunch: About That Slump (67 Comments)
"Foreigners have come and gone before. Why is now different? They are here now for three reasons: 1) The dollar is in the toiket. 2) New York is fun. 3) Some think they will make money."
3) YVES Name Game: Another Reason to Hate the French? (49 Comments)
"Great. Add this to the list of Americanized bastardized french words: Crossont instead of quason
Crosandwich instead of how about not even doing that? and the worst is walla!!!!"
4) That Was Fast: 'The Degentrification of Red Hook' (45 Comments)
"How can a neighborhood that was never really alive suddenly be "dead''? A few lousy restaurants and storefronts selling non-essential stuff don't make a neighborhood. The reason Red Hook never really caught on and never will is because it's got some major problems that will not easily be overcome."