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Premature Yardsification: Extell Unloads Full Plan

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It appears that Extell is playing spoiler to the Hudson Yards redevelopment bids big reveal on Sunday. They've already slapped some renderings up on the company website, and now, the PDF of the full Steven Holl Architects-designed plan is up. We'll be bringing you blowout bids coverage on Monday, but here are some preliminary things of note regarding Extell's longshot bid:

1) Hello, Mr. 1,200-foot-tall, three-million-square-foot mixed-use tower!
2) Extell wants to preserve the upper-third of the High Line. Kudos.
3) The tall buildings, mostly kept to one side of the site to avoid a canyon effect, would all be built on terra firma and not on top of the rails.
4) Lots of green space for frolicking.
5) A new ferry/water taxi terminal to ship in all those office drones every morning.

OK, we can't resist, one more tidbit: The residential buildings are called the Sunslice Towers. Awesome. Read up and do your homework over the weekend, because this is coming back in a big way on Monday.
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