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On the Racked: Show Me the Muji! Special Edition

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Racked has been all over the huge opening of Muji in Soho today. The highlights:

1) As the door open, shoppers race in and snap up merchandise. Stationary, calendars and socks (?) are said to be big.

2) Insanity sets in. Racked reports from the scene circa 12pm: "Things are really blowing up over at Muji, as there is now a massive line to enter the place. Racked correspondent: 'Store full! Line out front to get in now 30 deep!!!!'"

3) At High Noon in the stationary area, they're figuring out that "snapping up a 2008 calendar or day-planner is the easiest, cheapest way to score one of the free Muji bags." Click through on this one for a bunch of photos from inside.

4) CB2 starts to pick up the Muji overflow. Ouch.

5) By 1:03pm, they are restocking. People, the MujiForce in action!

6) Given the Muji Madness, is it really possible every customer in the next three days is getting one of those free Muji bags?

7) Until those lines die down, the pictures from the press preview are especially cool.