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Extell Prematurely Blows Load on Hudson Yards Plans

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On Sunday, the MTA will reveal the Hudson Yards redevelopment bids to the press. But Extell, which stands zero chance of winning this megadeveloper pageant but it's always nice to pretend, has?perhaps accidentally, perhaps not?leaked some renderings on their website a little early. First noticed by the boys over at The Real Estate, the grim (so grim! A little blue sky may increase your chances, Extell!) look of the future Far West Side is accompanied by this bit of copy:

Extell's proposed deck (Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 60/978,622 for a Method Of Building Over An Opening Via Incremental Launching) design maximizes public space and creates a porosity and openness for the site from all sides and approaches, connecting Midtown, the Chelsea Arts District, and the convention center with a grand public park open to the Hudson River; and its innovative structural system for spanning over the Rail Yards will minimize the impacts of development on the Caemmerer Yards and allow it to offer more for the right to develop.The people mover it ain't, folks. The Power Point slideshow link is, unfortunately, not working, but just imagine a bunch of Steven Holl Towering S's. Ahhhhh, there we go.

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