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Bedford Ave. One-Two Punch: Bank vs. Skeleton Bldg

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Is the big block fronting on Bedford Avenue between N. 3 & N. 4 Streets the spot where the final knife is to be plunged through Williamsburg's heart? Not only is this the spot where the controversial Quadriad development (possibly including 20-story buildings) will go up, it's also the place that a project combining a big Commerce Bank branch and apartments could be going. Yesterday, Brownstoner reported on the bank and apartment plan, which will feature a 5,000 square foot Commerce branch and 72 apartments. The building comes from Henry Radusky and Bricolage Design, which have produced other Brooklyn buildings like this and this. Are Commerce + Bricolage the architectural aesthetic equivalent of polyester + leisure suit? Is there an instant constituency for preserving the Skeleton Building? After all, it has stood at the corner with no walls for more than a year-and-a-half since the walls were demolished. Stay tuned.
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