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Cooper Square Hotel Drama: Cooper Square Strikes Back!

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While it may be a little late to board the hey-let's-protest-the-Cooper-Square-Hotel train, the Bowery tends to follow its own set of rules. The sticky matter is the outdoor bar that developer the Peck Moss Group wants to set up just 30 inches from neighbors' windows. Residents were offered new windows and air conditioners as compensation, but these are the front lines of the Noise Wars, so apparently that wasn't enough. In advance of the Community Board 3 liquor license meeting on Monday at 6:30 p.m., a group of East Villagers will rally outside the hotel starting at 5:45. Reads the note making the rounds:

Los Angeles luxury developers Peck/Moss want to turn the Bowery into Bourbon Street with the Cooper Square Hotel. Peck/Moss demands that the state liquor authority give them everything they want and ignore their neighbors. Peck/Moss demands approval for 3 indoor bars plus an outdoor bar/restaurant that abuts 10 apartments and is feet from about 50 others. Peck/Moss demands a door on 5th Street that will disturb the JASA Home for the Elderly and Disabled.

It concludes, rather awesomely: "Does NYC need another Gansevoort Hotel, an obnoxious, skanky drunken hotspot?" Folks, Monday is going to be fun.
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