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Oil Prices Prompting Exxon to Pump Greenpoint Faster?

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What do oil prices near $100 a barrel have to do with Greenpoint? Probably nothing more than irony, but Exxon has announced that it's speeding up its cleanup of the monstrous 30 million gallon (give or take) oil spill near Newtown Creek. At one point the cleanup was estimated to take another 30 years and there are a bunch of different lawsuits about it all. In any case, Exxon is doubling the number of pumps it uses to suck "free product" from the ground and notes it's already pumping 1,000 gallons a day. What happens to "product" that loses its freedom? Exxon gives it to BP which currently operates the terminal from whence the product gained freedom. BP, in turn, sells it. A company spokesperson says he "doubts" the Greenpoint oil is being sold at a profit. In other news, BP denies it is launching a "buy local" campaign at its big new gas station in Greenpoint.
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