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Hunter's Point South Plan Called 'Archie Bunker Vision'

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The fact is that it's hard to find development plans slammed as "Archie Bunker" visions these days, but no surprise that when it does occur one must look to Queens. Well, to Long Island City. That big plan for the area formerly known as QueensWest South and now know as Hunter's Point South got kicked around a little at an Economic Development Corp. scoping hearing yesterday. The plan would create 5,000 rental units at the mouth of Newtown Creek. About 60 percent of the apartments would be set aside for middle families (defined here as $60,000 to $145,000 annual income for a family of four). Critics are saying the plan lacks affordable housing for low-income residents. In the words of one person: "Why is there an Archie Bunker vision here?" We're assuming that's an inflation-adjusted Archie dealing with the current New York City real estate market. A spokesperson for the EDC says it's aware of the issue and that "We are weighing our options."
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