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Triathlons Big in the Hamptons, But What About the UES?

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The Laurel, a new 31-story building rising at East 67th Street and First Avenue, continues to confound. The $1,850/sf prices are way above the neighborhood's going-rate, and the website used to include a bizarre 52-second Chariots of Fire-inspired montage seemingly meant to bang home the message that your ass better be in shape if you want to live there (perhaps due to the distance to the nearest subway). Then there was the bit about sudden changes to the building's design, and lastly, the heavily-marketed in-building Trophy Club (right). Don't call it a gym, please: it's a triathlon training center. As a Laurel developer told the Sun: "It's a really big fad. I've seen this in the Hamptons and everyone loves it." But will Hamptons-loving triathletes snap up these pricey apartments near York Avenue? Nah. According to Louise Sunshine, who is apparently allowed to market however the hell she pleases nowadays (triathlons!), 30% of the 129 units have sold, to a combination of buyers from Indonesia, South Korea, China, and Britain.
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