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Curbed PriceChopper: The Powerhouse in LIC

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Then: $1.6 Million and down.
Now: $1.53 Million and down.
You Save: Up to ten percent, give or take, depending on the unit.

Don't look now, but some of the units at the Karl Fischer showpiece Powerhouse in Long Island City seem to be on the PriceChopping block. A tipster pointed us to Streeteasy, which shows some modest reductions at the top end and in the middle (but some stability at the lower end). For instance, we've got a 3BR coming down $75,000 three days ago to $1,535,000 and a 1BR, for instance, shaved a hair from $680,000 to $670,000. On the other hand, a studio seems to have come down from $550,000 to $515,000 which would be more PriceChop than shave. It's relatively early in the game so it remains to be seen how this one goes.
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