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The Catch: Very Private Bushwick Studio Loft

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What/Where?: A studio loft in East Williamsburg/Bushwick.
Looks Good, Right?: It's a newly renovated studio right off the Morgan L Train stop and there's a sleeping loft and a private patio. There are also exposed 100-year-old wood beams in the ceiling, brick walls and more. Also, it's perfect for someone with "a kinky/weird/creepy alternative life that requires a lot of privacy."
The Catch: The ad has an entire section on "Why You Shouldn't Rent This Loft." It starts "it's very, very small" (250 square feet with 12-foot ceiling). It's eight blocks to the subway, meaning if you miss the bus "you'll have to suck it up and schlep the 0.4 miles." But that's nothing: "The building sucks." Also, "my uncle is pretty much the worst landlord possible. The hallways are never clean, there is nothing resembling a mailbox system, and the buzzers don't work. That being said, the studio loft itself is separate from the rest of the building (I renovated it and lease it out separate from my uncle's tenants in the rest of the building), but you should understand that once you step foot outside your little oasis of an apartment, the rest of the building & neighborhood is about as shitty as it gets." Extra points, though for laying it all on the line.
· $1100 Studio loft w/ private balcony, exposed brick, and 12 ft ceilings [CL]