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Yardsmania: It's Hudson Yards Bid Day!

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[Extell's Gary Barnett, who arrived late and in an Extell baseball cap. He rulez.]

It's amazing that the Hudson Yards redevelopment plan is still flying under the radar. The 26-acre site is bigger than the World Trade Center, will have 15,000 apartments to go along with the millions upon millions of commercial square feet, and will contain oodles of green space. Still, most people have never heard of it. But yesterday, in a tiny storefront near Grand Central packed to the gills with billionaires, millionaires and the reporters who love them, some building models were the biggest show in town. Aside from the bids themselves, here's the headline: the display is open to the public starting today, and until December 3. The space (on 43rd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue) is open from 8-8 every day, excluding Thanksgiving. There will be comment cards, because the MTA is pretending that public opinion actually matters. Fact: if you don't go check it out, you are dead inside. As for the bids, they will all get their time to shine today. Stay tuned.
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