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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Leo's Baby Blue

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1) Two and a half years later, it turns out that Leonardo DiCaprio didn't buy three apartments with Ron Burkle in the new Hudson Blue for $10 million. It was more like one apartment, by himself, for under $3 million. Details, details. Not sure what the Hudson Blue is? It's the new glassy building near Richard Meier's West Village towers that is not actually a Richard Meier West Village tower. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

2) While striking stagehands toast marshmallows over barrel fires to feed their whooping-cough afflicted babies, Broadway producer Daryl Roth and Vornado's Steve Roth sold their ten-room co-op at 800 Park Avenue for $9.5 million. The sale comes after it was listed at $9 million and then re-listed at $9.25 million. The extra money made from the sale will go to straight into the couple's fireplace to keep their collection of Fabergé eggs warm. [S. Jhoanna Robledo/NYM

3) Speaking of the theater, the Walentas' Two Trees lured avant-garde director Robert Wilson to Dumbo the only way they know how: by giving him a break on rent. Money quote: "I do not like Soho so much anymore. Dumbo seems more interesting. It reminds me a little of Tribeca 30 years ago." [Intelligencer]