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CurbedWire: Roofing It at Soho House, Gertel's 12 Stories, Greenpoint's 'Free Product,' Harlem Glass Half Full

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MePa? A reader sends along the photo above of ongoing construction work on the roof of Soho House and writes, "Additional color: Soho house replacing roof = loud noise every afternoon this week til around 2." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?Regarding the live Destructoporn earlier today of Gertel's Bakery coming down, an emailer writes that "The plan, apparently, is to replace the bakery with TWELVE (not eight) stories of condos. But at least according to the DoB website the latest, no doubt appaling, filing got smacked down, and the owners are back at the drawing board...At the rate the crew is working, they'll have this fucker down before Shabbos." [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENPOINT?Where would this part of Brooklyn be without Newtown Creek, 30 million gallons of oil underfoot and ExxonMobil? A reader sent along one of newspaper ads that the oil company places from time to time. We'll skip the detail about the new permit that's needed to pump oil groundwater into Newtown Creek, except to note that it's a "dual-pump free-product recovery system." So far, there are "9 million gallons of free product" that are no longer free, leaving 21 million gallons of oil, give or take, still experiencing freedom. [CurbedWire]

HARLEM?We do love our shill emails, particularly the ones that are, well, charming in approach via name dropping technique and use of sales figures. So it is with this one, which is about Fifth on the Park in Harlem. It goes like this: "FYI, since Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson bought at Fifth on the Park, the development is now 50 percent sold. The developers say the building's become even more popular among women buyers now." Especially nice touch at the end. [CurbedWire Inbox]