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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Bonus Bouncing: Bracing for Big Cuts (68 Comments)
"I am an owner who is I think rightly fearful of what we are about to have upon us. Quite simply, I think we are about to face the biggest drop in New York City history. From 1989 to 1995 or so, we saw a 30% drop, and I think we will see much more than that."
2) Ask Curbed: What To Do About Harlem Crack House? (62 Comments)
"You bought it cheap since it was next to a crack house and now you want it cleaned up so you can get more money for your unit. Hire private security. How could you have bought next to it in the first place???"
3) Long Island City Hotel: Luxury or Let Down? (53 Comments)
"This is not a luxury hotel but a budget hotel. Wholefoods is not scheduled for Arris but Gristedes is. I love LIC (and would not get involved in this stupid childish battle between the waterfront and court Sq neighborhoods) but lets get real! It is not a super luxury neighborhood."
4) Your Morning Credit Crunch: Subprime Follies Continued (53 Comments)
"As the credit crunch continues Brooklyn/less prime Manhattan will likely to get hit. Places like Park Slope and the West Village will likely weather the storm but Williamsburg, like a lot of areas, is likely to see a dip."