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Now Playing: The Story of YVES

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Few new developments have captured the imagination like Chelsea's YVES. YVES! The 14-story glass condo building under construction at 166 West 18th Street has unveiled a slew of new renderings on its website, which look dramatically different from that one that was floating around before. In fact, they kind of tell a story...

?Oh, the galleries were wonderful today! Weren't they, Adrian?
?Shut up, Natalia. You know I hate it when you talk in the lobby. And no eye contact with the concierge!

?Ha, just look at what's in the paper! Foreclosures, credit crunch, mortgage meltdown ... it's a good thing my job at Apollo affords us this beautiful glass box at YVES, right Natalia?
?I hate you, you heartless bastard. Just let me gaze out at YVES' dramatic skyline views.

?You've become cold to me, Natalia. Can it be that Miele ovens, Sub Zeros, individual private storage space and floor-to-ceiling windows don't bring you happiness? My whole belief system is in doubt. I need a swim in YVES' invigorating yet dungeon-like lap pool to clear my head. And you're right, the views are spectacular.

EXT.?zoom out.

?Oh Adrian, I forgot that YVES' Health Center helps you maintain that rock-hard six-pack despite your long hours and stressful work schedule!
?And I forgot that you're a smoking hot piece of Wall Street arm candy, Natalia. Perhaps we should go upstairs and put our past troubles behind us?

?Will you slip into the Duravit tub with me, Adrian? It's so spacious!

?Now that our romance is rekindled, Natalia, and we've accepted the fact that our combined hotness will always trump whatever character flaws we may have, let's enjoy a beautiful Chelsea sunset together on our YVES private terrace.
?Oh Adrian, hold me close.

?Never forget, Natalia. Never forget ... this fabulous buying opportunity!
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