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Long Island City is Turning Japanese

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The details are trickling out about the planned Jackson Avenue hotel in LIC, following yesterday's announcement of the sale of five parcels of land. Itzhaki Properties brokered the $17.75 million total sale, and the adjacent properties that were unloaded are listed as 2405, 2409, 2411-2415, 2417 and 2419 Jackson Avenue. This puts the future hotel just a block away from the Citicorp tower, and we're told the purchase was made by a "Japanese hotel group." A search of property records reveals all: the buyer is Toyoko Inn, a massive budget hotel chain. We've become instantly obsessed with Toyoko's website, and have included some of the company's current hotels in the graphic above. Uniformity rules! So what does Toyoko have planned for hip, on-the-rise LIC? No renderings yet, but our foreign invaders will have 170,000 square feet to work with.
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