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Toll Brothers Ignore Crap & Clap, Push Gowanus Plan

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A little bit of sewage and toxins that won't be cleaned up until 2013 (give or take) and that business about the "very aggressive strain" of clap in the water have not soured the Toll Brothers on their dream of luxury housing on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. The developers held a secret briefing for "community activists" last week who subsequently leaked details about the Gowanus Toll plans. If Gowanus zoning changes allow, the development would include several 12-story buildings on a parcel between the canal and Bond, Carroll and Second Streets. It's described as a mix of rental and coop units, with 20 percent set aside as affordable housing, which is less than some residents want. The Bond Street side of the project would be five stories, but the canal-side buildings would be 12. There would be a public greenway along the canal, which the Brooklyn Paper noted was "a crowd-pleasing feature." At least, on days when raw sewage hasn't flowed into the canal.
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