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Non-Hipster Burg Report: Food Truck Fight

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It feels good, from time to time, to take note of a story from non-hipster Williamsburg. The ongoing battle over a glatt-kosher food truck in an Orthodox part of the neighborhood is one of those tales. The Jersualem Post notes that the truck has sparked protests and arrests. The Post writes:

On Sunday, street posters warned families not to patronize the truck. "If you know what's good for your kids, don't let them go," the signs read. Protesters think the food truck encourages fress - a Yiddish expression meaning to eating more than is necessary, or purely for pleasure...Some also fear that the truck encourages men and women to mingle on the streets.We now return to our regular menu of Williamsburg hipsterism, condo sales and the like.
· Kosher food truck takes flak in Brooklyn's Williamsburg [Jerusalem Post via McBrooklyn]