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Your Morning Credit Crunch: Queens Dragging Us Down

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The Daily News reports some grim third-quarter foreclosure numbers to kick-start your morning. Now, we've never really been big on third quarters?only the fourth quarter matters in the NBA, and NFL third quarters are spent finishing up halftime revelry and using the loo. But hey, we'll muster up the urge to care: City-wide, Q3 foreclosures were up 37% from Q3 2006, to 7,314 in total. In Queens, foreclosures were up a jaw-dropping 69%, but don't forget that a majority of filings are just default notices and not "get your ass out of this house right now" notices. There was one filing for every 448 households across the city, which is still way better than your Nevada or your Florida. Yay, we're not quite as effed!
· Queens suffers biggest foreclosure hit with 69% increase [NYDN]