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LES Pathmark Site Sale: The Plot Thickens!

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We've had about 24 hours to marinate on the offering plan for the Lower East Side's Pathmark on Cherry Street, and we're still taking in the awesomeness of the marketing materials' two proposed renderings?The Flask, as one genius commenter put it, and Twin Towers Lite, self-explanatory. Dumbo Manhattan! The views! The, um, projects! But already, the story is changing. The Downtown Express files a new report on the subject, with a Developer Resource Group source claiming that the circulated plan is out of date, and the plan is now to close the store following any sale. Others claim that Pathmark has tabled the whole thing because the land has been difficult to sell, but contractors have been seen taking soil samples in the Pathmark parking lot over the last week. Hmmm!
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250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002