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Ask Curbed: I Want a (Temporary) Roommate

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Ah, the New York City roommate conundrum. We go to the Ask Curbed Inbox for an email with some classic NYC questions:

I just moved into a two bedroom apartment. I plan to keep the place to myself, using the second, smaller room as an office. However, I have been contemplating taking on a roommate for just a couple of months to help recoup the costs of my move. My question is, what are the rules (written and unwritten) regarding having a roommate in NYC? Obviously, from the listings on Craigslist, plenty of people in NYC have roommates without putting the roommates' names on the lease. My lease says I can't sublet, but is having a roommate the same as subletting? From what I've read, NY tenant laws say I can have other people in my apartment and need to inform the landlord within 30 days if they're staying for a while. So, what's the best course of action here? Can I take on a roommate for 2-3 months and not worry about it? Also, how do I make sure the roommate leaves at the end of two months? I have heard it can be hard to get rid of them legally if they don't want to leave.Considered responses right ahead in the Comments section.
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