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Hell Yes! New Museum Racing to Finish Line

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A high-ranking Curbed tipster swung by the new New Museum on the Bowery, set to open in splashy fashion in just 11 days. He writes:

Dropped by this morning. They are hauling ass to get this thing ready. Check out the flatscreens being whisked inside -- and the lobby, which even seems to have an aging benefactor already on hand. Hell yes!But before we get to the flatscreens and the old ladies, we'd be remiss in not bestowing the proper glory on artist's Ugo Rondinone's "HELL, YES!" installation, which will only get 1000% more awesome (if that's possible) once it's all lit up in the Bowery night. Hell Ye?you know how it goes by now. Don't forget that New Museum architects SANAA are involved in Brookfield Properties' Hudson Yards bid, so a vote for Brookfield is a vote for more architectural insanity!

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