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Dear Boerum Hill: 'Some of You Are Crazy...'

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We love the things that come our way from Boerum Hill, like the Mad Crapper. This email came to our attention from a tipster who found it in the Boerum Hill Yahoo Group. The original motivation behind the "Some of you are crazy and I can't stand it" email is is someone that is trying to restrict postings by a member that posts about homeless cats that are up for adoption (ie "the whole cat issue"). The rule is, only one homeless cat adoption posting per person per quarter. That out of the way, we get to the juicy part of the email:

Some of you people really blur the line between being a concerned neighborhood member and a psychopathic control freak with grandiose delusions about your helping hand in Boerum Hill. It's quite bizarre and I'm quitting this group because I can't stand reading it anymore. From now on I will quietly pick up my dog sh*t, quietly plant in front of my house, quietly put the ads and menus in my trash bin, etc. and that will be enough for me to be a good citizen of the neighborhood. Please don't email me either. I am now "quietly" going away. I just had to say my peace before I go and maybe some of you will think about how ridiculous this board gets...

We await a Park Slope entry into the competition.
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